Ken Roberson

Medicare Insurance Specialist

KDR Agency, LLC.
3175 Richardson Rd.
Bolton,MS 39041
Phone: 601-946-7663

About Ken Roberson

Ken was born in Greenwood, Mississippi,now lives in Bolton, Mississippi with his wife Bettye. Ken has one son, Tim, who lives in North Mississippi.

Like many folks growing up in the south Ken starting working at a young age. He has always known that hard work and treating people the way he would want to be treated are the keys to success. Since a young man Ken has always had a job. He started KDR Agency because it allows him the freedom to make sure all his clients are cared for in the way he would want his agent to treat him. KDR Agency is BBB certified and follows the standards set forth by the Better Business Bureau. Being in the Medicare supplement market offering senior products to people. Ken prides himself on being independent. This insures that he is always able to offer the Most competitive Medigap and life insurance plans available. He believes that working is a necessity but not the most important thing in life. He has a passion for his spirituality and supports several Christian charities, including one of his own design that honors morally upright high school students in central Mississippi.

Most people don't know that all Medigap policies are required by federal law to offer the same basic benefits but the premiums can be different. That means that you could be paying hundreds of dollar more a year on your Medicare Supplement plan than you need to. As an agent that works for his customers instead of an insurance company, Ken is always going to look for the best deal since all Medigap plans are the same.

Don't pay more than you need to for your plan. Ken's years of experience backed by his customer support and attention to detail will mean you get the best service out there. don't wait to call. Ken's time is free and everyone loves saving money.

There is no cost or obligation.
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